Ensure highly secure OTA software updates and data collection with automotive grade cybersecurity for connected vehicles, powered by Sibros Armor.

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Built for Automotive OTA

In-vehicle software and system architecture is becoming increasingly complex as connectivity interfaces to the outside digital and physical world. Sibros’ built-in security is layered across the entire Deep Connected Platform to reduce vulnerabilities, minimize surface attack areas and thwart malicious attacks that can compromise vehicle functionality, safety and security.

Why Sibros Armor?

OTA cybersecurity that's built and enhanced with the automotive grade IEEE Uptane standard.

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Built on the IEEE-ISTO Uptane Standard
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Compliant with other global standards  
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Leverages additional storage to recover from endless data attacks
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Broadcasts metadata to prevent mixed-bundles attacks
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Utilizes vehicle version manifests to detect partial bundle installation attacks
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Use a time server to limit freeze attacks

Security: Sibros Armor

Sibros's end-to-end platform leverages the IEEE Uptane OTA security framework designed to be resilient against multiple forms of attacks by providing several layers of security to protect against any single point of failure in the system, including:

  • 2-way authentication to ensure secure communication between the vehicle and cloud
  • Signature checks on all pieces of firmware and metadata sent to the vehicle
  • Signatures and metadata provided to each ECU for secondary verification
  • Protection against malicious firmware signatures with stolen keys
  • Multiple unique pieces of metadata and signatures for different keys
OTA Cybersecurity

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